Collection 27 - Park Poultry Producers Association Records, 1923-1941

Creator: Park Poultry Producers Association

Provenance Note: The Park Poultry Producers Association collection was donated by Mrs. Wesley D'Ewart of Wilsall, Montana, circa 1964.

Historical Note: The Park Poultry Producers Association was a turkey growers association in Park County from 1923-1940. The Association was formed in 1923 to develop and carry on a county program of work for the development of the poultry industry. The Association had the goal of putting on a poultry show to educate what constitutes good poultry and to promote the better sale of live poultry through cooperative selling. Earl Sexton became manager of the PPPA in 1931 and was replaced in 1937 by John Nickelson . Most of the correspondence is addressed to Nickelson. The reason for the disappearance of the PPPA after December of 1941 is unknown.

Content Description Note: The Park Poultry Producers Association (PPPA) records include various business records including financial records, order sheets, sales records, producer contracts and correspondence from 1923-1940. Most of the correspondence are addressed to either Earl Sexton or John Nickelson, two PPPA managers during the 1930s. The records also include correspondence from the United States Department of Agriculture through pamphlets and letters giving instructions on how to kill, dress, and ship turkeys. Extensive sales lists are included for the Northwest Turkey Growers Association from 1930-1937. The records include the PPPA's Minute Book from 1923-1924, written in a Park County grade school notebook, that lists the Articles of Association, membership lists, and lists for grades of turkeys. Three unique items are a letter written in 1940 from a customer demanding to know what happened to the settlement for his turkeys, several copies of a poem and song about turkeys, and a brass plate that reads: "Park Poultry Producers Association, Livingston, Mont." Other papers include John Nickelson's inspectors's license from the USDA for dressed turkeys, a diagram for a turkey packing table, and an Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws booklet. The collection has been arranged in topically labeled folders.


Box 1
1. Park Poultry Producers Association: Minute Book 1923-24, Articles of Association, membership list, list for grades of turkeys.
2. Park Poultry Producers Association: Articles of Association; Smith Hughes Dept Park County High School's Instructions for proper slaughter and dressing of turkeys.
3. Sales to Jerpe Commission Co., Omaha, Nebraska, November, 1929
4. Sales to Beatrice Creamery Co., Beatrice, Nebraska, December, 1929
5. Sales to Northwestern Turkey Growers Association, December 1930-January 1931
6. Sales to Northwestern Turkey Growers Association, December 1931-January 1932
7. Sales to Northwestern Turkey Growers Association, December 1932-January 1933
8. Sales to Northwestern Turkey Growers Association, December 1933-January 1934
9. Sales to Northwestern Turkey Growers Association, December 1934-January 1935
10. Sales to Northwestern Turkey Growers Association, December 1935-January 1936
11. Sales to Northwestern Turkey Growers Association, December 1936-January 1937
12. Sales records
13. Park Poultry Producers Association: Financial statements, 1928, 1929, 1932, 1935, 1936
14. Park Poultry Producers Association: Miscellaneous papers 1931-40
15. Turkey producers contracts, completed forms and blank forms
Box 2
1. Check Registers, Books 1-5 (1928-1929)
2. Check Registers, Books 6-10 (1929-1930)
3. Check Registers, Books, 11-15 (1930-1932)
4. Check Registers, Books, 16-20 (1932-1935)
5. Check Registers, Books 21-25 (1935-1936)
6. Check Registers, Books 26-30 (1936-1938)
7. Check Registers, Books 31-32 (1938-1939); Deposit Book
8. Bank Statements (1928-1930; 1939-1940)
9. Park Poultry Producers Association: Turkey Grade Instructions
10. Northwest Turkey Growers Association: By-Laws, Turkey Instructions and Financial Forms
11. Park Poultry Producers Association: Business Receipts and Correspondence
12. Park Poultry Producers Association: Brass Plate

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