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Administrative Values Statement

Values are those abstract ideals that guide attitudes, actions, and interpersonal relations. Our values govern conduct and render our work useful and desirable and are implicit in each of the library's administrative goals.

As part of Montana State University, the MSU Library endorses, and will embody in itself, MSU's institutional values of:

  • intellectual integrity;
  • freedom of inquiry and expression;
  • equal dignity of persons and the right to freedom from harassment, intimidation and discrimination;
  • the meshing of equity and access with quality;
  • consultative faculty governance.

In addition, trust and respect are key values. Recognizing these values, The Library will foster and support among its staff:

  • a commitment to quality service and programs;
  • openness, discussion, and communication;
  • fairness and equality;
  • cooperation and adaptability;
  • competence;
  • civility and courtesy;

and foster a working environment in which library staff:

  • contribute ideas freely;
  • are innovative and creative;
  • assume responsibility;
  • confidently engage change;
  • enjoy and take pride in their work.