Why Follow Us

Through our social media you will learn all sorts of things about MSU, libraries, and the famed quest for knowledge. Our social media activity is wide-ranging, so at any given point we will post about the history of campus, activities and events, historical images of MSU and Montana, study tips, and research resources. Check us out! 

Where To Follow Us

What We Expect

There is a lot going on at MSU Library, and many ways for you connect with us.

One of the ways we want to share with you and have you share with us is through our uses of social media. Since social media works by being "social," we encourage you to comment, re-tweet, and share your stories in all those social media ways.

We also want to share your experiences, enthusiasm, and ideas with others, so we reserve the right to reuse your comments for research purposes and promotional materials so that we can understand and showcase our thriving online community.

Lots of staff members at MSU Library are involved in our social media projects and, like all of you, we are individuals and have different ways of expressing ourselves in our personal and professional lives. As members of our campus and online social media community, we ask you to follow the standards and guidelines of the major social media sites. As far as rules go, we agree with what Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr have to say on the matter.

We also have guidelines specific to our community. We will not post or tolerate posts that contain:

  • Items or comments that are obscene, racist, derogatory, or similarly objectionable in their content
  • Personal attacks, insults, or threatening language
  • Potentially libelous statements
  • Plagiarized or copyrighted material
  • Commercial promotions or spam

Our Mission

Social media at the MSU Library is led by an internal committee called the Social Media Group. This group's purpose is to oversee the MSU Library's social media. Makes sense! We have created a Social Media Guide to help...guide us. Also makes sense! The Social Media Group engages with patrons and the larger online community through regular social media activity and identifies new ways to increase the visibility of the library's social media profile both on campus and online.

It strives to:

  • Engage a growing and active university community by expressing through certain high-trafficked social media channels the services, collections, and personality of the library and the library employees.
  • Expand beyond the concept of "Library as Building" by creating interactive online information-sharing spaces that emphasize "Library as Services and "Library as Resources" to students, researchers, faculty, and to the greater library, university, and Montana community.
  • Cultivate these spaces to be consistent with the concept of the library learning commons, recognizing that library-users are crafting online lives that reflect and interact seamlessly with their off-line world.
  • Develop relationships through social media that will ultimately allow our community to discover a library that is more relevant, approachable, valuable, and vital, with resulting increases in foot traffic, virtual and in-person reference interactions,