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Position Summary 

Student employeesplay an essential and important role in theArchives and Special Collectionsdepartment,which in turnfulfills an important role in the library as steward of unique collections. ASCserves researchers from not only MSUand Montana, but around the world, and using ASC is an important part of undergraduate and graduate studies in the humanities.   

Duties include moving and shelvingbooks and manuscript materials;the creation of inventories and folder listing, re-houseingmaterials in archival boxes and folders; scanning historical documents; public serviceduties; and other tasks as assigned. All members of the department are expected to follow procedures appropriate for handling unique and rare materials. StudentAssistantsmayalsobe asked to assist with departmental events and projects as appropriateand as fits their schedulesand particular attributes or skills. Theability to work collaboratively is essential, since this role involves working with a variety of full-time library staff members and other part-time students. 


  • Proactive customer serviceattitude; 
  • Professional and friendly attitude &demeanor; 
  • An enthusiasm for accuracy and efficiency; 
  • Ability to work both independentlyunder minimal supervisionas wellas collaborativelywithother departmental students, staff, and faculty; 
  • Dependable: On time for scheduled shifts, good attendance record, giving adequate notice for absencesor variations in schedule, notifying supervisor in a timely manner for unexpected absences, working collegially with all department members to fill and/or provide substitutions for user service shifts. 

Preferred Skills 

  • A strong interest in the subject foci of the department; 
  • Strong writing skills.   


Specific Job Duties 

ASC student assistants may perform both routine/daily and project-based work under the supervision of ASC Library Technician, and by request of ASC faculty.  


Routine/Daily duties: 

  • Movingand shelvingbooks and manuscript materials;  
  • Creationof inventories and folder listings;  
  • Re-housingmaterials in archival boxes and folders; 
  • Scanninghistorical documents;  
  • Serving materials to researchers and providing reading room supervision. 


Project-Based Work: 

  • Data entry and cleanup; 
  • Moving collections consisting of boxes weighing up to 40 pounds; 
  • Inventorying archival supplies; 
  • Checking web pages for consistency and accuracy; 
  • Contributing to the description of both analog and digital collections. 


StudentAssistantsmayalsobe asked to assist with departmental events and projects as appropriateand as fits their schedulesand particular attributes or skills. 



ASC studentassistantswork under the supervision ofASC Library Technician, who in turn consults with the Head of Archives and Special Collections on priorities, projects, and assignments.  


Secondarily, StudentAssistantIs are mentored by Senior StudentAssistants who provide for first tier support and mentorship. 


Standard Hours for this Position 

Regular shifts are available when the university is in session. Hours are flexible but must include at least a portion of the department’s public service hours, which are listed at Intersessionand summer semestershifts are available as fits the student’s schedule.