Library Spaces graphic imageIn response to student feedback, the MSU Library will be expanding its available space for student study areas, seating, technology, and group study rooms in the summer of 2019. 

Constructed in two phases in 1949 and 1961, the Renne Library was built for a student body that was much smaller than it is today. Enrollment in 1961 was 4,320 students compared to current enrollment of almost 17,000 students. The library’s main purpose was to store large collections of books and periodicals, but, today the most heavily used collections are digital.

Technological changes have altered the nature of the library’s collection, ultimately transforming the library into more of a study area and an active collaborative learning environment. There are few places on campus where students can gather to learn together irrespective of their major or college, and MSU Library fills that gap.

After careful analysis that included an 18-month long master planning process, we determined that the that best way to create more student study space in the library was is to move some important but low-circulation items to a storage facility near campus.

Frequently Asked Questions

The MSU Library and Campus Planning, Design, and Construction have developed a plan to deliver more space for students within the library’s existing footprint. In order to create space, we intend to move the equivalent of an entire floor of books and periodicals to off-site storage facility adjacent to campus. This change will allow the library to add more seats, tables, technologies, and study rooms.

We plan to begin this transition during the summer of 2019 with the space available for student use by the start of the fall semester 

Highly browsed collections will remain on campus, while important but low-use items will be stored economically off campus.

Books will be stored in compact shelving in Nopper 910, adjacent to campus.

MSU Library will retrieve items from off-campus when requested and get them to borrowers in a timely manner. Specifics regarding turnaround time and so forth will become available as plans unfold.

Details will be posted as they are finalized. You can find updates on the library’s News and Events link ( and on social media